Our culture here at Chad and Sandy Real Estate is a specific vibe, and clients and visitors to our office say they can feel it when they walk in or meet with one of our team members. Here are the three ways we create such a winning culture:

1. Strategy. Strategy creates clarity. Everyone on our team has a specialized role, knows exactly what they need to do, how to do it, and understands how it fits into the team’s goals and the bigger picture. When team members are working together to achieve their goals, they’re also achieving the team goals.

“Strategy creates clarity.”

2. One-on-one time. We didn’t simply set a team vision and make everyone follow it, and we don’t communicate through office-wide emails. We begin with the individual. I meet one on one with my team members at least once a month and sometimes even once a week. We get buy-in, come up with plans, and create a vision individually. We help the individual achieve their goals, and when they’re winning, the whole team is winning.

3. Sharing wins in real-time. We use a combination of technologies such as Google chat, text messaging, emails, and Zoom conference calls to share our wins in real-time, when agents are out in the market doing the work. We are so connected virtually that we can share wins while they’re happening. We have daily huddles, team meetings, and spend plenty of time together in person too, but being able to share wins as they happen creates an exciting culture and motivates us.

Curious about our culture and want to experience it for yourself? Come on by and visit our office, or text me and I’ll set up a time to meet with you. We also have some great suggestions for both books and audiobooks on creating a culture that you may be interested in for your business.

Call or text me if you want to come by or have any questions. I’d be happy to chat with you.