If an appliance is listed on the MLS but not on the contract, who gets it? I wanted to answer this question and point out some other things you should look for on the contract:

1. Appliances. Just because it’s listed on the site doesn’t mean it comes with the property. Only what’s on the contract counts, so make sure it’s included in there as well.

2. Miscellaneous items. Don’t forget about the wine cooler or extra fridge in the garage. If you’re not sure, ask for it in the offer.

3. Security features. Don’t forget to list security cameras or the Ring doorbell. A lot of our contracts include this anyway, but it always helps to check.

Remember, the contract always wins. Whatever is on the contract is what goes. If you have any questions about this or other real estate topics, feel free to call us at 904-509-2253. We’d love to help.