Do you have a strong desire and work ethic but lack the structure to execute your goals? To help, I’m sharing the only three time blocks you need to have on your calendar. Everything you do in a day can likely be lumped into one of these three categories:

1. Onstage. This category includes meetings, presentations, showing appointments, videos, and anything else that requires you to be dressed, ready, and present in front of others. For me, Mondays are for meetings; I like to put them all on the same day. It’s a marathon day, but it keeps me from having to switch gears all the time from deep, concentrated work to friendly, energetic interactions. In that way, it’s enjoyable to have meetings all in one day, and I love the energy. 

“Everything you do in a day can likely be lumped into one of these three categories.”

2. Backstage. This is all the deep, crucial work you do when you don’t want to be interrupted. These activities can include things such as bookkeeping, paying bills, creative tasks, writing, or even running errands. This category means you’re doing tasks away from other people and need time to concentrate on them. 

3. Offstage. This is your family and relaxation time when you’re unplugged. It doesn’t just have to be in the evenings or on weekends; you can have pockets of fun scheduled into every day or on a regular basis each week to keep you energized. 

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